Mission Ridge


Mission Ridge is known for its powder with the highest base elevation in the state and an average snowfall of just under 200 inches per year. Thanks to a relatively dry climate and low temperatures that snow tends to stick around and maintain its fluffiness for quite some time. And if the snowfall isn't up to par there, Mission Ridge can still cover 66 acres of the terrain with the man-made stuff from top-to-bottom, which is 2,250 feet of vertical. Another average you might like is the average 300 of sunshine that Mission Ridge gets - those are pretty good odds.


Mission Ridge, Washington

Mission Ridge, Washington

Mission Ridge is a sweet local hill that knocks the socks off of most major mountains out there. It's got a family feel, but has all the rowdy, technical lines that any serious skier could want. When the rest of Washington is sopping wet, Mission Ridge skis clear and cold. We had the pleasure of catching it on a beautiful spring day today. Here are a few photos from the day.