Mountain Running

Mountain Running

Mark Newcomb, who's chalked up first ski descents of Otterbody and Black Ice couloirs on the Grand Teton, hammers up local slopes like Snow King (an hour-long, 1,571-vertical-foot cardio blast) and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (4,139 vertical) in the summer. "I just really enjoy covering ground," he says.

Body Benefit: Quad/Calf Strength + Eccentric Control
Trails build quadriceps and calf endurance, as well as strength, by improving eccentric control-a muscle's capacity to stretch while contracted-on downhills and uneven ground. "A lot of people have muscles that burn out quickly when they're skiing, because they haven't been worked eccentrically," says Keller.

Skill: Agility
Says Newcomb: "Sudden changes in snow quality and terrain require immediate reactions. If you're a runner and you work on improving your reaction time, your skiing will benefit."

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mountain athlete

Mountain Athlete Ski Training

Think the best way to get into ski shape is a few squats in the fall? You're going to have to try a little harder than that. Writer Brigid Mander headed to Jackson Hole's Mountain Athlete gym to get beat into shape with ski racer Max Hammer.