Mustang Powder

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Monashee Range, British Columbia

Mustang Powder's staff isn't in the business of making guests look bad — on skis, that is. But challenge them to a beer-chugging contest — as a group of French-Canadians did last winter — and they'll drink you under the table. It's that kind of laid back place. With 31,000 acres in BC's Monashee Range, Mustang is also one of the largest cat-skiing operations in North America. But it's variety, not size, that makes Mustang a must-ski outfitter among smart powder skiers. Over 40 percent of the acreage is high alpine, which means the cats drop you atop the kind of narrow chutes and bowls that are usually reserved for heli snobs. Below treeline, you'll find 40 named runs and 5,000-foot peak-to-valley lines. And while lodge owners Ali and Nick Holmes - Smith are hip to beer-swilling showdowns, they also know that even core brahs won't diss luxury. The outdoor hot tub, live-in masseuse, and gourmet kitchen will make this $1.75 million post-and-beam lodge feel like a castle in your own powder kingdom.


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