A Night to Remember

Superwoman Sally returns to Jackson.
Sally Looking Lovely

“It’s been a long battle, but I’ve still got a long way to go.” Standing at the podium of the Pink Garter Theatre in Jackson, Wyoming on Saturday, December 7, 2012, Sally Francklyn, a former editor of this magazine, delivered these words to thunderous applause and more than a few tears of the packed auditorium.

Though I didn’t ask her, I know that moment—her return to Jackson to see all of her friends and to feed off the undeniable energy that town creates—has fueled much of her drive during this fight of her life. It’s been nine months since she took a terrible fall in the Once is Enough Couloir in the Jackson Hole backcountry, suffering a shattered skull, several broken bones, and a serious brain injury. Her return to Jackson this winter to stand in front of that crowd was a milestone she would not be denied.

I’ve never been more proud to call someone my friend.

All said and done, the event raised almost $15,000 for the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol, Teton County Search and Rescue, and the High Fives Foundation, three organizations that have been integral to her survival and her recovery.

Without a doubt, the Superwoman Sally fundraiser is a night I won’t soon forget. Watching Sally, as beautiful as ever, work the crowd, hugging, talking, and joking with familiar faces that came from all over mountain country to support her in Jackson, was an experience that left an indelible mark on everyone in attendance. She hasn’t lost a step.

This event has truly left me without words. So instead, I’ll let the photos from the event fill in anything I’ve left out.

Thanks to everyone involved:

Reg, Barb, and Chris Francklyn
Chris Denny and Eric Henderson of Denny Ink
Grant Korgan
Jeff Brines
Julie Weinburger
Jackson Hole Ski Patrol
Teton County Search and Rescue
The Copper Mountain Ski Patrol crew
The event volunteers
All the brands that donated goods to the silent auction
Everyone who attended the event
All of Sally’s tireless supporters

Check out the photo gallery from the night here.


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