Nordic Dumping

Only in Japan could a toilet simulate ski jumping.
What's that control panel for?

From the Land of the Rising Sun comes the best thing in ski-related home decor since Adirondack chairs made from skis. Japan’s award-winning Tugboat advertising agency—whose previous stunts have involved putting ostriches on skis and outfitting London statues with tote bags—installed ski-jump toilets at Madarao ski resort in Nagano. The toilet stalls are wrapped floor-to-ceiling in a point-of-view perspective from the top of an Olympic ski jump. It’s complete with painted skis where your feet rest when you’re on the job. Photos of the toilet, released last March, were an immediate hit with tech bloggers, who made no shortage of “wipeout” and “scare the crap out of you” puns.

The toilets were part of a marketing campaign last February for the launch of Coca-Cola’s Georgia Max Coffee, a canned energy drink with a tagline that loosely translates to “Seriously kickass intensely sweet for the real coffee super zinging unstoppable Max! Taste-explosion!” For an ad agency using a lavatory setting, perhaps “unstoppable” and “explosion” were a poor choice of words. 


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