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Cold Front
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"It doesn't feel cold, you don't feel your body, and you forget you're naked. So says Asheville, North Carolina—based activist Kayla Rae Worden, who, along with Liana Pasqual, a website manager from San Francisco, stormed the Aspen X Games Ultracross course last February wearing nothing but flesh-toned bloomers between their beanies and boot buckles. The two advocates for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were protesting against the use of fur in ski clothing. (Investigators are looking into why they chose Aspen.)

After sneaking past security guards, Worden and Pasqual quickly yanked their stretch pants over their ski boots—"I practiced in the bathroom beforehand, explains Worden—and ran down the course between heats chanting, "Compassion is the fashion! Fur is dead! Before security guards escorted the protesters down the mountain, they managed to stumble to the finish line where a snowboarder posed for a picture with them. "I kissed him, says Worden, "and the crowd went wild.

What the lucky rider didn't realize is that the voluptuous Ms. Kayla Rae Worden used to be Kevin Worden. "I had my surgery in 1983, she says. "Nobody can tell, but I'm very open about it. Worden estimates that she has stripped for the antifur cause more than 50 times since her sex change: "I just hope that by exposing a part of myself, I expose a little truth about the horrendous conditions of the fur industry.

Up next for Worden: a trip to Vegas where she'll—yup—get naked, get painted in leopard print, and get thrown in a cage to protest the treatment of circus animals. It's the perfect opportunity to show off her latest modification. "I just got new implants, she says. "Even with just the hormones I'm a D cup, but now I'm a double D!