Ode to Cat Drivers

One reader's story of faith lost and found, ski bum economics, and the weird stuff you find on the night shift.

(Editor's Note: Every once in a while we get a story from reader that really sums up their skiing experience. Here is one of those stories)

It happened last year, a restoration of my faith in the generosity and kindness that lives in every person. I had just got my iPod Touch in the mail. I hooked it up to my helmet and hit the slopes with my friends. We were hitting a small cliff on one of our runs and I botched the landing and had a complete yard sale. Skis, poles, gloves... everything was gone. My new base layer consisted of snow and ice.

I walked away with just few bruises, but on the gondola up for the next run, I followed my headphone cord down to my iPod and discovered that it had joined in the massive yard sale. I frantically made runs down the same trail searching for this brand new investment I made at the cost of eating Ramen noodles, nachos, and hot dogs for a month. It was my first year as a ski bum; I was poor and now heartbroken.

I drowned my sorrows with beer at the Pickle for the next couple of nights. I had given up all hope of ever seeing my iPod again until I overheard a snow groomer talking about all the weird stuff he finds in the snow. He had found my iPod and turned it into Guest Services where I got it the next day .It has ski tracks over, it but it still works to this day. I bought the beers for the rest of the night. Thank you, Mr. Killington Groomer.

-Justin Nevins, Killington VT

Got a story that needs to be told? A tale of heroism, humiliation, or double-overhead pow? Send it our way, and if it's worthy we'll share it with the world. editor@skiingmag.com


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