One To Grow On



It’s hard to swallow investing in kids’ outerwear that will be outgrown in one season, if not sooner. The good news is skiwear companies, in hopes of earning a lifetime of loyalty from families, are going to great lengths to make your kids’ outerwear last longer. Both Spyder and Obermeyer add “grow” cuffs in junior sleeves and pant legs to extend lengths up to 2 inches. With an easy snip of some hidden stitches, your child’s ski outfit has another season of life. Other features to look for include adjustable suspenders on bibs and expandable waistbands.

Also, be sure to apply the same layering concept you use for yourself to your kids. Hot Chill-wees and Patagonia Seedlings are great performance layers for little ones. The extra value will become clear when the entire family lasts out on the hill for a whole day.

Here are some of this season’s top picks for kids

1 Cameron Spyder Bitty Kenai one-piece
suit, $189, and Mini knit hat, $20

2 Nate Obermeyer Stadium jacket, $100,
and All Sport pants, $75

3 Ryan L.L. Bean Shredder jacket, $55,
and Halfpipe Snowboard pants, $55;
Smith Grommet II goggles, $25

4 Katie Obermeyer Stargazer jacket,
$125, and Junior Cargo pants, $80

5 Creste Bombshell Time Out jacket,
$140, and Cruise Jean pants, $120

6 Ashley Gerry Starlite jacket, $70,
and RoffeFlex leggings, $49

7 Lily Obermeyer Papillon one-piece suit,
$140, and UG 100 Microfleece zip-T, $45

8 Kara Cherry Tree Wrap jacket,
$44, and Polar pants, $24

9 Emmy Obermeyer Stadium jacket,
$100, and All Sport pants, $75

10 Mika L.L. Bean Celestial zip pullover
fleece, $45, and Penobscot bib, $50

11 Dylan Columbia Weetamoo one-piece
suit, $75, and Turtle Fur Circus beanie, $15