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Peek n Peak


Way over on the far western corner of New York you'll find Peek 'n Peak, a four season resort with an old-world feel to it.

The resort's Tudor architecture, anchored by the Inn at the Peak, winding paths, and extensive formal landscaping evoke a graceful atmosphere. That feeling is enhanced by the very names of the ski trails: Nottingham Notch, Sherwood Meadow, and Oxford Way are three examples; all trails are named with this common scene.

Trails drop up to 400 vertical feet from several high points along a ridge, and intermediates especially will like the terrain. They have the most choices and the longest runs. Lift E, a triple, serves some fun cruisers like King Richard's Willy-Nilly, Alan-A-Dale (green circle, and a good showoff run under the lift), Kensington Cross (green circle but a bit more challenging than you'd think), and Sherwood Meadow. Lift 8, another triple, serves a fine trio of cruisers in Nottingham Notch, Finsbury Field, and Willie Wynkin Woodlands.