Playing Host

Norwegian ski patroller Linda Haaland shows her B.C. counterpart and pro skiers around her home hill while on location filming Warren Miller's "Line of Descent."
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Where to Go

Lodging: There’s a comfy place to lay your head no matter where your adventure takes you. Check out for recommendations, including seafront apartments, Viking-style cabins, or high-end lodging a few minutes from Tromsø’s city center.

Local Flavor: Stop at Haaland’s home hill, Tromsø Alpinpark, then hook up with Lyngen Adventure for tours of every variety (ski, ice climbing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, even dog-sledding). They also know the best spots to view the Northern Lights.

Watch the trailer for Warren Miller's "Line of Descent" and find a showtime near you this autumn.


Anna Segal for Face of Winter

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