Powderchaser: Get to Utah. Now.

Alta is reporting 47 inches in the past 48 hours. Vail has received 18 inches in the past 24 hours. Winter is here for one final hoorah. Get out while you still can.
Snowbird, April

An epic storm is continuing over Colorado and Utah with orographic snows under Northwest Flow bringing another 6-10 inches of dry powder to the Northern Mountains of Colorado Tuesday night (Vail, Beaver Creek, Steamboat, and some areas near the Divide will do best). An additional 4-9 inches is likely over the Cottonwoods of Utah into early Wednesday where the sun will finally break out after nearly 7 powder days in a row.

EPIC FACTS: Alta is reporting over 47 inches in 48 hours as well as similar amounts at Solitude, Brighton and even the Canyons who has picked up 82 inches in the past 6 days! The snorkels are sold out at Walmart in Park City and the real news is that all of those freshies at Alta and Snowbird will be fresh pickings tomorrow since neither mountain opened on Tuesday. The same is true for Ninety Nine Ninety at the Canyons and Honeycomb at Solitude. Vail has received 18 inches in the past 24 hours as of PM and I expect an additional 7-9 on Tuesday night. The Back Bowls will be deep!

Powderchaser Exacta: The Exacta was hit today as Powderchaser grabbed 1st chair at Solitude and managed to race back to the Canyons at 12 Noon where I managed to make 1st chair at the Super Condor Express where only 20 locals were blessed with the goodies before the rest of the mountain figured it out. That was a solid 4 hours of untracked powder and 2 openings at both resorts! The Chase: My chase if you are in Colorado is to hit Vail, Beaver Creek or perhaps some resorts near the front range as freshies will fall until daybreak on Wednesday especially near the Divide.

If you don't mind fighting huge crowds head to Alta or Snowbird however it will most likely be late morning before the road will open. Other chase picks might include Powder Mountain (14 inches new) and Solitude where Honeycomb might open by afternoon and crowds will be less. I declare the epic powder flag to be flown over Utah as this storm tops all of them for 2010 and brings the total annual snowfall to over 450 inches at Alta. Get out and be safe on the slopes as your wildest dreams might come true on Wednesday morning!

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The last ski resort open in Utah is Snowbird. And lucky for them, Mother Nature graced them with yet another late-season storm. (A storm earlier this month brought four and a half feet of powder to Snowbird). This one brought 19 inches in the past 30 hours, and another foot is predicted before the week is over.

Snowbird, Utah Gets 34 Inches in 48 Hours

Snowbird is the last open resort in Utah. And they're still getting dumped on. Here are the stats: 17 inches in the last 24 hours, 34 inches in the past 48 hours, bringing the season total up to 543 inches.

#2: Alta/Snowbird, Utah

Powderchaser: Storms Are Coming

After two weeks of dismal snowfall in the West, the Powderchaser blog is calling for light and heavy snow in the seven-day forecast for Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and California.