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Powderchaser: This Week's Storm Predictions

The Powderchaser doesn't have great news for us this week—not much snow in the forecast, sadly—but the long term forecast (the next seven to 14 days) is looking more promising for the intermountain West.
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Powder Tips1. Mt. Baker, Washington, averages 647 inches annually—the most snowfall of any lift-served area in the Lower 48.

Powder Tips

1. Mt. Baker, Washington, averages 647 inches annually—the most snowfall of any lift-served area in the Lower 48.

The next seven days is not going to bring any significant snowfall to the Rockies however a splitting storm should put down some fresh snow on Wednesday and Thursday with most of the energy going towards New Mexico. The northern branch might give the Wasatch three to six inches by Wednesday night however unlikely to reach the chase criteria. The southern mountains of Colorado should pick up light snows both on Wednesday and Thursday. The Northwest is going to see two to four inches of rain even at mid-mountain levels as the rain/snow line approaches 7,000 feet. Most of the rain will fall on Monday and Tuesday and there is a glimmer of hope for more snow in the Northwest later in the week as temperatures begin to fall.

The optimistic news is that there are some models depicting a pattern change for the following week where a more progressive snow pattern may develop for the intermountain West. I feel positive vibes for some powder days in the seven- to 14-day forecast so stay tuned to www.powderchasers.com.


#2: Alta/Snowbird, Utah

Powderchaser: Storms Are Coming

After two weeks of dismal snowfall in the West, the Powderchaser blog is calling for light and heavy snow in the seven-day forecast for Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and California.

Look like mid-winter at Alpine Meadows

First Storm of the Season

A big storm hit California yesterday and it's been rolling east, dumping as much as a foot of snow in the mountains. Here's what the first storm of the season looks like.

Wyoming's Grand Targhee has received 10 inches in the past 24 hours, and 27 inches in the past week. And, thanks to the recent big snows, they re-opened the Blackfoot lift on Wednesday and will run it straight through Easter Sunday 4/4 before closing down for the season.

Dumps of the Week

It is still dumping snow across the west. Tahoe is getting hammered with feet upon feet of snow. Grand Targhee, Snowbird, Silverton Mountain, Alyeska—they're all getting snow. Winter isn't over—get out and ski powder while you still can.