Powderwhore’s “Breaking Trail”

New film has alpine skiers, snowboarders. Because you can tour on AT skis, too.
Powderwhores filming

For years, the Powderwhores—filmmaking brothers Noah and Jonah Howell and a crew of the dirtbaggiest tele skiers out there—made human-powered, telemark-focused ski porn. This year, things are different. They have alpine skiers, like Griffin Post and Drew Stoeckline in their film and some of their telemarking athletes have locked it down. Plus, they invited snowboarders. Snowboarders. Their movie, Breaking Trail, is now on tour.

Why the move to more than just a freeheel film?
Our goal for years has been to make the best tele film possible because we didn’t think that had been done before, and we feel like with (last year’s film) Televison we did that. We could have made that same movie again, but we didn’t want to, and we were sick of people saying they weren’t going to come see the movies because they weren’t tele skiers.

Do you think less people are telemarking?
I think it’s about the same in the resort, but it does seems like there’s less people teleing in the backcountry. It’s very rare to run into tele skiers in the backcountry anymore, which is a big change since we started making movies.

Were you worried about alienating the core tele population?
It seems like people don’t really care, it’s not an exclusive club. So far, the response has been good.

What were the coolest places you shot?
We had a fun trip into the Lost River Range of Idaho, where we skied really cool terrain on the first day of summer. Another highlight was Spitzbergen Norway, where we sailed around on a 50-foot boat. Plus, we got pounded here in Utah, it was the deepest we’d ever filmed.

Did you plan from the get-go to make it more than just tele?
We knew early on that it was going to be open to disciplines except ski blading.


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