Pray for Snow Day Yields Snow

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Snowbird, UT, Oct. 16, 2000--In keeping with tradition and attempting to ensure a bountiful snow season, Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort held its annual Pray For Snow Day on Saturday, October 14. The day's festivities were a success with snow falling the entire day and continuing throughout the weekend.

The celebrations centered around live bluegrass music by Mr. Whoopie, discounted Tram rides, and Native American tribal dancers. Clad in full tribal dress the dancers performed a variety of cultural dances including The Hoop Dance, Women's Jingle Dance, Men's Grass Dance, and more.

The Pray For Snow Day was hosted by a Helushka War Dancer of the Omaha Tribe, Al Black Bird, who entertained and educated in a celebration of Mother Earth. He described the traditions and explained the dances accompanied by traditional drumming. These activities set the tone for a Native American Medicine Man who blessed the Earth and prayed for snow.

The perfectly timed fresh snow fell on some summer improvements for the 2000-2001 ski season, including an expanded snowmaking system and a $600,000 upgrade to the Tram.

"The recent snowfall gave us all a taste of what's right around the corner," said Snowbird President/COO Bob Bonar. Maybe we ought to take a lesson from the Omaha Tribe and start praying now for a plentiful season to come too.


Chairlift Piled with Snow

Recent Utah Snow

A few images from the recent storm that pummeled Utah ski resorts. Some resorts claimed as much as 48 inches from the weekend system, a necessary addition to the base before holiday skier traffic.

Ski Utah Snowflak

Seventeen Days and Counting…

Snowbird locals sent us a YouTube video this week tracking the above average seasons of the past two years and this one liner: “Snowing hard in Little Cottonwood right now.” It’s official, winter is here, but when will Utah resorts open?

Best Powder: Alta/Snowbird

Best Powder 2009: Alta/Snowbird

Alta and Snowbird usually receive between 400 and 500 inches of snow, depending on the season and where it’s measured. In 2008, Alta got 702 inches. That's nuts.


Sacred Snow

Montana's remote Rocky Boy Reservation, home to the Chippewa Cree, might seem an unlikely place for skiing. But on the slopes of Bear Paw Ski Bowl, powder meets purpose.