Pre-Season Workout with Jen Hudak: Week Four

This week's move is weighted push-ups, which build core and upper body strength. Jen says they make her feel "ready for anything that's thrown at me."
Weighted Push-Ups

Now that we're four weeks into Jen Hudak and the rest of US Freeskiing team's pre-season workout, the focus is shifting to overall core stability and upper body strength. Weighted push-ups, which are essentially just harder push-ups work just that. Jen says it's important to have a strong core and upper body to resist the impact from falls.

For step-by-step instructions on how to get this move right, click here.


weighted push-ups

Pre-Season Workout with Jen Hudak: Weighted Push-ups

This exercise develops the musculature of the upper body, shoulders, low back, and core. While upper body strength is an important part of overall fitness and body balance, what makes this exercise great is the development of whole-body stability and core strength.

hudak crossover lunges

Pre season workout with Jen Hudak: Crossover lunges

This exercise develops single-leg strength, balance, and mobility in the hips. Single-leg strength is animportant element of greeskiing, and the additional stress of inline balance while strength training is a unique combination in one exercise.

Hanging leg raises thumb

Pre Season Workout with Jen Hudak: Three-way leg raises

This exercise develops core function, strength, and control in a manner similar to various tricks with Freeskiing. Very similar to a mute grab while hanging from a pull-up bar, the exercise requires contraction of the core for stability, combined with hip flexion and a vertical body position to bring the legs up to the upper body, which contrasts from many supine/ground core exercises.