Preview: Avalancha en el Volcan

Skiers get ready to shred a Chilean volcano

Most skiers dream of the chance to carve on limitless snow at any given day of the year, but if you’ve ever packed up during the heat of August and crossed the threshold of the Equator, you know the dream of chasing winter is an awesome reality. September is usually the best of all worlds in any hemisphere, combining the crisp change of seasons and migratory journey of riders all over the world.


In Chile it’s no different, and this September marks the second annual Avalancha en el Volcán, a celebration of the mountain spirit and an event bringing people to properly say good-bye to Pacha Mama’s invierno. Last year’s event was a phenomenal experience. A group of over fifty people hiking the active Villarrica volcano as a whole, taking time to soak in the (literally) breathtaking view of what seemed like a million mountains surrounding us from all sides: Llaima, Lonquimay, Lanín, dotted with the prehistoric Araucaria trees and countless lakes scattered in between. Upon reaching the summit and taking a few moments to stare into the belching and smoking crater, high-fives in every language preceded the event. One by one, skiers and snowboarders from all over the world stood at the start flag as the Andean wind whipped our cheering voices away to the far reaches of Patagonia. And there it was: everyone had their solo moment with the volcano, carving effortless turns in perfect corn snow, legs aching as the 5,000 foot descent blindly took its toll on everyone.. It was a timed descent, but the experience was truly the prize, as nothing like it had ever been done before in Chile.


Avalancha en el Volcán will take place September 13, 14, and 15 in Pucón, known as the gateway to Patagonia and one of the most eco-adventurous towns in Chile. Avalancha en el Volcán features local films, photography, music, a famous Chilean asado, workshops on avalanche and mountain safety, and of course, the Villarrica volcano descent. The mission of Avalancha en el Volcán is to provide a place to celebrate the end of a great season for all the skiers and snowboarders who practice their passion in the southern hemisphere winter.

In the southern hemisphere you can have everything from the best day of your whole season to the windiest day of your whole life. But at the end of the day, it’s the whole experience that changes you, not just the powder in your face or the wind at your back. It’s the warm embrace of Chilean hospitality, the nice kiss on the cheek from the cute girl, the magic liquor of Pisco—you’ll be damned if you could ever forget it. This event is an opportunity to speak the language of snow and stoke with people from all over the world and create an unforgettable experience of you, yourself, your skis or board, and an active volcano to shred for 5,000 vertical feet.

The website for the competition is our Facebook page is @avalanchapuco