Project GT: Meet Team Under Par

The younger, faster, and handsomer Grand Traverse team fielded by Skiing Magazine
Team Under Par Tout

Team name: Team Under Par

Racer 1:

Name: Kevin Luby
Title: Senior Editor, Skiing Magazine
Age: 27
From: Spokane, Washington
Home hill: Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho

Racer 2:

Name: Jonathon Holton
Title: Project Engineer, Mountainside Medical, LLC
Age: 29
From: Carbondale, Colorado
Home hill: Snowmass, Colorado

Why the Grand Traverse?

We have a pretty aggressive happy-hour session to thank for this lightbulb moment. Swell.

What has been the most difficult part of training?

Eating. Finding a good mix of energy snacks and real food that is still palatable after several hours of touring has been the tricky. Consuming a steady stream of calories is critical to successful training and to completing the race.

What are Team Under Par's Grand Traverse goals?

In no particular order: survival, finishing in less than 12 hours, and dusting Team DadFit.

What are the team's strengths?

Strong legs, healthy lungs, and rugged good looks.


We both get a bit temperamental in adverse conditions.

What's the team's biggest concern about Team Dadfit?

As the old farts already pointed out, old age and treachery.

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Connie Sciolino (center, in red) is the founder, owner, and head coach of The Alpine Training Center, a gym in Boulder, Colorado, designed specifically for mountain athletes.

Project GT: The Pain Cave

Connie Sciolino's gym, The Alpine Training Center, caters to mountain athletes. We're using it to prep for the Elk Mountains Grand Traverse.