Protect Our Winters Expands Team

Riders Alliance adds 10 big-name skiers to its roster.

On February 22, Protect Our Winters announced the expansion of its Riders Alliance with the addition of 10 new advocates: Jimmy Chin, Hilaree O’Neill, Michelle Parker, Chris Benchetler, Johnny Collinson, Kaya Turski, Anna Segal, Griffin Post, Lexi DuPont, and KT Miller.

POW athletes

POW, whose mission is to engage and mobilize the snowsports community to lead the fight against climate change, now has over 80 accomplished pros within its arsenal. Mountaineer and photographer Jimmy Chin says, “I owe my life to the outdoors. It is where I have forged my strongest friendships, built my career, and continue to draw inspiration. As a photographer and filmmaker I have seen first-hand and captured the dramatic impact climate change is having globally.”

Given their platform and captivated social media audience, Riders Alliance ambassadors are poised to be powerful activists. With an increasing presence on Capitol Hill, exemplified by actions taken to help generate awareness for President Obama’s 2014 Climate Action plan, POW athletes have been influential in educating the younger audience about the impact of global warming. Using #ActOnClimate, POW ambassadors helped generate 10 million impressions in one week alone regarding the President’s announcement of his action plan.

“We’re thrilled to have these amazing athletes join the Riders Alliance,” says POW’s Executive Director, Chris Steinkamp, “Each athlete has a different perspective on climate change, and an incredibly effective and powerful voice which resonates in D.C., within our industry and across our community.”