Q&A with Mike Douglas

Mike Douglas

Q: Have you been to MSP premiers before? Tell me about the atmosphere.
A: Yep. MSP premieres are great. It's a perfect way to get lots of hardcore skiers together in place and get everyone fired up on the season. It's cool to meet skiers from all over and see that everyone is feeling the same stoke. The noisier the better.

Q: How many MSP films have you been in? What's your favorite, and why?
A: This will be my 8th MSP film appearance. My favorite is probably Ski Movie 3: The Front Line. It was the movie I think I had my best part in, and I think it was the overall highest level of skiing from all the athletes in the film.

Q: How does Push and Pull compare to the others?
A: Push will probably reset the bar, above where we took things in Ski Movie 3. A lot of it depends on the weather, and our crews did pretty well with the weather and trips this year.

Q: What was your favorite part of the film? What was the most fun part to film?
A: I haven't seen the film yet, but the most fun trip I did last year was the trip to Japan and China with Mark Abma, Sammy Carlson, and Simon Dumont.

Q: Has MSP planned much for the next film?
A: We are just beginning the planning phase now.

Q: Where are some of the locations? Where will you be headed?
A: If I tell you, I'd have to kill you. But count on a bunch of stuff from Whistler, Alaska, and everywhere in between. We try to keep the exotic stuff under our hats.


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