'Really Dude - Where's My Car?'

Fall Line

The power of collective prayer went over the top this winter as the Tahoe area received its biggest snows since 1916. The blizzard buried Kirkwood in 22 feet in 14 days, changing lives. Resort exec Suzy Scully had to enter her home through the second-floor window, and a skier who left his car in a No Parking zone was forced to search in vain with an avalanche probe. Resort employees can be forgiven for saying "uncle." They had to dig out Chair 3 from nine feet of snow and neutralize a 40-foot-high drift in Sunrise Bowl. As for the Kirkwood dude, he finally found his car when a patroller lent him a metal detector. "That guy," said one Kirkwood worker, "had one heck of a shoveling job to do."