Road to Sochi: Devin Logan

The freeskiing phenom talks preparation, her knee injury, and the Olympics’ first glimpse at slopestyle and halfpipe.
Devin Logan tout

Devin Logan came into the season with a lofty goal: qualify for the Olympics in women’s slopestyle and halfpipe. And though she didn't quite make the halfpipe squad, she'll represent the US as the top athlete in slopestyle in Sochi, all while coming back from a knee injury. On February 11th, she'll be one of the first US freeskier's to represent her country in these new Olympic disciplines.

We caught up with this dual threat to see how she’s gearing up for Sochi, the first Olympics to feature freeskiing disciplines.

How have you been preparing for the season?

I reside in Park City now and train out of the USSA Center Of Excellence (COE). Coming back from a serious knee injury, I focus a lot of my training on leg strength. I also do a lot of trampoline training to help practice my tricks before I take them to the snow.

How has the knee recovery gone?

I am just getting back to competing, and I am still getting my old tricks back to the point where I am 100 percent confident in them. I am working on a handful of new tricks that would help my runs be a bit more difficult in the judges eyes.

Is it hard to balance staying healthy and pushing yourself?

When you push yourself in this sport, you have the risk of injury. The progression of freeskiing is always happening, so in order to be at the top level, you are always pushing yourself to do bigger and better tricks. Keeping up with your conditioning helps, as does confidence in your tricks.

You’re were one of the few athletes competing in both halfpipe and slopestyle. Do you have a favorite? Which is your best event?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite, but I do seem to practice a bit more in slopestyle. Because no course is the same, it takes a bit more time to get set up and ready at slopestyle competitions, whereas a 22-foot halfpipe is the same every time.

What are your thoughts on freeskiing being included in the Olympics?

I am very excited that freeskiing is in the Olympics. I have always wanted our sport to be a part of the Games, and it’s a dream come true to qualify for the Olympic team. It will be the first time our sport is on the world stage, and there are no expectations. I have a feeling the world will be amazed at the things they will see from freeskiing.