Saddleback Ski Lodge

In Rangeley, Maine, check out the Saddleback Ski Lodge both before and after your day on the hill.
#7: Soup / Chili

If you’ve ever wanted to splice a smelt-fishing experience into a ski trip, Rangeley, Maine, would be the place to do it. Here’s the step-by-step plan: (1) Grab a Sidewinder breakfast sandwich (fried egg and meat on a butter-toasted bagel) at the coffee bar in Saddleback’s post-and-beam ski lodge. (2) Ski Saddleback’s twisty New England–style runs and new Casablanca Glades all morning. (3) Grab a lunch of award-winning chili in the lodge cafeteria. (4) Drive to nearby Rangeley, knock on an ice-shack on the lake to see if the local who answers will show you how to set a smelt trap. (5) Head to the Smelt ‘n’ Swig Pub upstairs in the lodge for live music and a few Maine microbrews. [saddlebackmaine .com]




Trace a line formed by Maine's State Routes 16, 27, 4, and 142 and you will encircle some of the state's highest mountains. In the southern part of the circle you'll find the long, impressive mass of Saddleback Mountain, from whose summit drop the twisty, wooded trails of Saddleback the ski resort.

Catch some early morning waves at the beaches around Santa Cruz, Marin County, or San Francisco, like infamous Maverick’s, then make the 3-4 hour drive to one of the seven resorts around Lake Tahoe (Heavenly, Northstar, Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Sierra, Kirkwood, Mt. Rose) for some renown Sierra powder. 

Ski and Surf

Who says you’re either a mountain person or an ocean person? It doesn’t have to be like that. In these six spots you can hit both and surf and ski in the same day.

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Saddleback’s Kennebago Steeps

Maine’s Saddleback dishes up killer food and a rootsy vibe, but it’s the steep ridge flank served by the Kennebago quad—with its expansive glades and winding groomers—that’ll keep you coming back. Here, mountain-ops staffers Jim Quimby, Sam Loud, Jared Emerson, and others show you how to ski it like a local.