Saddleback Ski Lodge

In Rangeley, Maine, check out the Saddleback Ski Lodge both before and after your day on the hill.

If you’ve ever wanted to splice a smelt-fishing experience into a ski trip, Rangeley, Maine, would be the place to do it. Here’s the step-by-step plan: (1) Grab a Sidewinder breakfast sandwich (fried egg and meat on a butter-toasted bagel) at the coffee bar in Saddleback’s post-and-beam ski lodge. (2) Ski Saddleback’s twisty New England–style runs and new Casablanca Glades all morning. (3) Grab a lunch of award-winning chili in the lodge cafeteria. (4) Drive to nearby Rangeley, knock on an ice-shack on the lake to see if the local who answers will show you how to set a smelt trap. (5) Head to the Smelt ‘n’ Swig Pub upstairs in the lodge for live music and a few Maine microbrews. [saddlebackmaine .com]