Safely Shred the Wasatch Backcountry

Utah Mountain Adventures and the Alta Lodge team up to offer three backcountry skiing clinics this season.
Alta Backcountry

Need to learn how to use that avalanche beacon you just dropped three bills on? Want to know how to skin more efficiently and pick a safe line to rip down? Perfect. Utah Mountain Adventures and the Alta Lodge want to teach you. They’re running three different, four-night backcountry clinics this season in the Wasatch Mountains.

With more and more people heading into the backcountry in search of untracked, I-feel-like-I’m-skiing-on-air powder lines, offering the clinics was a no-brainer, says Alta Lodge spokesperson Joni Dykstra.

"With the increasing popularity of backcountry skiing, many newcomers to the sport want to learn the fundamentals of safe skiing in the backcountry," says Dykstra. "The clinic gives participants first-hand experience as they learn and practice skills during the two days of backcountry skiing."

The clinics are December 10-14, January 7-11, and April 8-12. The $1,470 price tag gets you four nights at the lodge, an Alta lift ticket, breakfast, box lunches and four-course dinners. You just have to get yourself there. Bring your own backcountry gear if you have it or rent everything you need through Utah Mountain Adventures. [; 800-707-2582]


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