Salomon Freeski TV Goes Skiing in Hawaii

Yep, you heard right: Skiing in Hawaii. Cody Townsend and Mike Douglas traveled to the North Shore of Maui with the Salomon Freeski TV crew to shoot some surf skiing. Here's the clip.
Salomon Freeski TV

When the Salomon crew headed to Hawaii last November to shoot footage of them skiing on big waves on Maui's North Shore, they enlisted the help of Jason Starr, a former freestyle skier and Santa Cruz surfer who's working on a patent for his Starr Surf Skis, split paddleboard skis that glide Nordic-style on flat water and carve on big waves. "The first time I surfed on them, it felt like snowboarding," says Starr. "All I could think about is that getting skiers into big waves could open a new world of skiable terrain." Turns out, he's right. Check out the footage.


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