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Salomon Freeski TV Shadows Ski Bum Jeremy McLure

The newest episode from Salomon takes us to a dirty ski bum's apartment in Whistler, BC. There's also some good ski action. We got creator Mike Douglas' take on ski bums and the TV series' mission.
Salomon Freeski TV

The latest episode of Salomon's Freeski Television is out now. The show airs every Tuesday online. This one is about Jeremy McLure, a ski bum living in Whistler, BC. He gives us a tour of his apartment, which is a five-minute walk to the Whistler gondola, and houses a mini fridge, a hot plate, and boot dryers. "I'm more about living in the vacation," McLure says, "than spending the year working to have two weeks to come out here and ski when you can just be here to ski everyday."

This is the third season of the Salomon Freeski TV series, which was originally created by the Godfather of Freeskiing, Mike Douglas. We asked Douglas what the mission of the series is. "It’s not about the Salomon brand," he says. "It’s a vehicle to get people stoked to ski. It’s a way for us to help tell stories from the ski world that don’t get told through the traditional ski movies. You have all this extra footage that unfortunately goes to waste, so this is a good way to show all aspects of the sport."

As for McLure, Douglas, who's from Whistler, put the feelers out to find a real ski bum they could profile. "First we thought they had to find an extreme ski bum but then we met Jeremy and we realized he was a real ski bum," Douglas says. "People can relate to him. He embodies the passion of skiing."

You can watch previous episodes of Salomon's Freeski TV here.


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