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Salomon FreeskiTV: Tempting Fear

Andreas Fransson: extreme skier, death cheater.
Salomon FreeskiTV: Tempting Fear

Released earlier this week, the latest episode of Salomon Freeski TV is a bit of a long one. And though it took a few days for us to find the time to watch it in its entirety, the entire Skiing staff thought it a well-spent 25 minutes. “Tempting Fear” follows Andreas Fransson, a newer athlete to the Salomon fold who regularly courts death on the flanks of big mountains.

While the story is a bit jumpy because it's broken up into several short vignettes, "Tempting Fear" shows a side of pro skiing that doesn't involve support crews, helicopters, or contests. Andreas makes his living by attempting lonely climbs up menacing peaks and skiing the steepest lines on the planet. His descents are skiing puzzles that require him to connect 60-degree snowfield to 60-degree snowfield—often broken up by rappels, traverses, or down climbs—while avoiding seracs, rock fall, and glacial crevasses. His life is defined by lofty ski objectives, and he's experienced plenty of loss along the way. It’s insane—and utterly captivating.


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