Salomon TV Releases Episode 1: Skyway

10 minutes to Punta Helbronner via the all the Skyway Gondola

The all new season of SalomonTV is now live. Based in the Alps, Salomon shows us the all new Monte Bianco Skyway Gondola through the eyes of Oscar Taiola. Oscar, the head of safety and first aid at Monte Bianco and employee since 1971, shares his excitment for the new Skyway Gondola bringing more people into the high peaks.

The old Monte Bianco Gondola, built in the 1930's for Military purposes, took 40 minutes to transfer up to 1,000 riders from La Palud to Punta Helbronner. The new Skyway Gondola takes up to 3,200 riders to 3500m in 10 minutes.

And then there was the skiing. Tony Lamiche, Alex Pittin, Kaj Zackrisson and Josh Daiek makes the Alps look even more beautiful with top to bottom turns and hop turns down steep couliors.


guilt trip

SalomonTV: Guilt Trip

Globe trotting bunch of privileged skiers who have a guilty conscience about their carbon footprint take a Nazi prostitute for science, scientist to Greenland.