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SalomonTV: Guilt Trip

Globe trotting bunch of privileged skiers who have a guilty conscience about their carbon footprint take a Nazi prostitute for science, scientist to Greenland.
guilt trip

Don't have time to watch this entire video right now but have an opinion on climate change? We reccommend you bookmark this one.

Salomon sent a group of their athletes to Greenland with a, very quirky, climate scientist. They spend days slogging around on glaciers and summiting new peaks all while conducting snow experiments and finding that our world may be melting a lot faster than we all thought.

What is your stance on climate change?


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Tahoe 10,000

Pro skier Josh Daiek becomes the first to link these five Tahoe summits together in a single day.


Canada's Grandest Traverse

The Bugaboos-to-Rogers traverse, pioneered by Briggs and Co. in 1958, is a serious undertaking in the best conditions. And high ambition is no match for bad weather.

SalomonTV Freeski Dream Trip 2

SalomonTV Freeski Dream Trip 2

For the second year in a row, Salomon asked their fans: What is your #FreeskiDreamTrip? Canadian Tim Loch was lucky enough to be chosen from 5000 applicants. His Dream Trip? The Powder Highway in BC with Mike Douglas, Cody Townsend and Chris Rubens.