Beer for Skiers: Mama Peaches IPA

Sanitas Brewing’s new hoppy ale is the perfect combination of bitter hops and sweet peach flavors.

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Beers brewed with fruit in the name can be a gamble for many craft beer drinkers. Any brew-loving skier who has accidentally picked up a Belgian Kriek Lambic thinking “Belgian Beer is Belgian Beer” probably learned pretty quickly that Kriek beers are a lot different than Chimay Blue or Delirium Tremens.

But a new beer from Sanitas Brewing in Boulder, Colo. might be the missing link between beers with fruit and beers that taste good. Mama Peaches IPA is very much a traditional craft IPA, with heavy hop notes from Amarillo, Rakau, Summit, and Centennial hops, plus a full-strength 6.0% ABV.

But where IPA-lovers might scratch their heads is the 35 IBUs. Mama Peaches IPA is not at all like chewing on a freshly picked Amarillo hop bud. That’s because the natural sweetness from the peaches evens out the bitterness of the IPA, making for a smooth, slightly sweet beer that really hits the perfect notes for springtime après ski.

Mama Peaches IPA was created to celebrate the recent birth of Sanitas Brewing co-founder Michael Mimsic’s first child. And, chances are, if you’re not familiar with the Colorado brewery, this would be a perfect first Sanitas brew for you to try after your next ski day. You can find Sanitas beers in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

Sanitas Brewing Mama Peaches IPA Brewer’s Notes

Sanitas Brewing Mama Peaches IPA
Mama Peaches IPA in all of its glory.Photo courtesy of Sanitas Brewing
  • Hops: Amarillo, Rakau, Summit, Centennial
  • Aromatics: Fruity and hoppy
  • Flavor Notes: Juicy peaches, bright hops
  • ABV: 6.0%, IBUs: 35
  • Untappd Beer Profile