Scorpian Shenanigans

A POV edit from Sun Valley’s most ridiculous closing day tradition: the Scorpian Nationals.
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Four years ago, a group of Sun Valley locals dug some thirty-year-old mini skis out of random basements and thrift stores around Ketchum, mounted them with rickety old Marker bindings, and created a race of utter downhill mayhem across snow, rock, dirt and concrete. The Scorpian Nationals has since become the most anticipated closing day event at Sun Valley Resort. At 4:30 on the last day, a dozen of the craziest local skiers strap on Scorpians, charge down the final landing strip of snow on a run called Scorpion, sprint to Apple’s Bar, and pound a beer. The winner gets respect. The losers get to chug a free pint. The crowd gets to watch the insanity. And the mountain gets its proper encore to the season. Skiing’s resident small ski schralper, associate editor Kevin Luby, entered the race. Here’s what it looked like.

Want to know more about the high-level performance of the Scorpian. Check this.


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