Short Shots


> Microsoft's working names for the 2001 and 2002

Windows upgrades

are Whistler and Blackcomb, respectively.

> 757's will soon be landing minutes from Mammoth Mountain, California, thanks to nearly $30 million in airport-upgrade funds from the FAA.

> Ski-town New Year's celebrations were decidedly crazy this year: As the clock ticked down on 2000, Vail and Whistler each recorded revelry-related violence and arrests.

> Olympic gold medalist (GS, '84) Debbie Armstrong is helping to run Global ReLeaf Sarajevo, a project to plant over 300,000 trees in the war-defoliated former Olympic host city.

> Aspen Highlands patrollers have a new celebratory signal for the deepest of deep-powder days: a bright red flag, emblazoned with the word Epic, hoisted at the top of Loge Peak when conditions merit.

> Travel agent Aspen Ski Tours has become the proud owner of the domain name

> A cross-country skier was killed by a cougar in Banff National Park.

> In central Colorado, a hunter claimed he was attacked by a grizzly bear; if true, it would be the first confirmed grizzly encounter in the state since 1979.

> Former SKIING editor Doug Pfeiffer has been elected to the Honour Roll of Canadian Skiing. Here's to you, Doug, eh?