Beer for Skiers: Sierra Nevada Skiesta

The new Bavarian-style lager is just the ticket for pre-season ski stoke and more.

Ah yes, the annual ski movie collaboration beer. For the last few years, Teton Gravity Research (TGR) worked with Wyoming-based Melvin Brewing to create the particularly aptly named Pilsgnar. Prior to that, Matchstick Productions (MSP) teamed up with Colorado-based Avery Brewing for a few years, pushing Avery’s iconic Out of Bounds Stout as the perfect beer to sip while watching skiers huck their meat on camera.

SN Skiesta

Now, both TGR and MSP are sponsored by Sierra Nevada, a classic California craft beer brand that is best known for its über-hoppy Pale Ale, which comes in an iconic green can that you can see skiers clink together throughout both TGR’s "Winterland" and MSP’s "Return to Send’er" films. TGR somehow got the upper hand on the deal, however, and released a new co-branded Bavarian-style lager with Sierra Nevada: the Skiesta.

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According to the brands, the beer’s creative—yet potentially ambiguous—name came to mind after a powder day on the challenging terrain of New Mexico’s Taos Ski Valley. While TGR wants the name to indicate that this is an ideal beverage for a ski movie fiesta, it also happens to be an ideal brew to sip before a post-après ski, pre-dinner siesta. (And now, with my great and unmatched wisdom, I'm going to try to write off the money I paid for Babbel’s Premium Spanish lessons to SKI Magazine.)

The Skiesta lager is strikingly light on the tongue, as if it wants to skip right over the whole "taste" part and make its way directly into your bloodstream to help accelerate the excitement one finds while watching ski movies. While everyone knows the saying “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor,” thanks to its easy-drinking nature Skiesta goes down so smoothly you can drink three cans and probably still ask for “more!” For those seeking even more booze-infused stoke while attending a ski movie premiere, Skiesta works great as a tequila chaser.

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While it’s not at all hoppy or strong, sometimes it’s just nice to drink a classic, easy-drinking lager. And Sierra Nevada’s Skiesta is just that, which is why we recommend it for your next pre-ski season fiesta (or if you just need a beer and a nap after a fun day on the hill).

Sierra Nevada Skiesta Notes:

skiesta glass and can
  • Beer type: Bavarian-style Lager
  • Color: Light Blonde
  • Flavor Profile
    •  Crisp, light, easy-drinking
    • Minimal bitterness with a touch of malty sweetness
  • ABV: 5.2% IBUs: 15
  • Pairs well with: Ski movies, fiestas y siestas.
  • Hops: Magnum, Tradition, Spalt Spalter
  • Malts: Munich, Acidulated, Pilsner, Biscuit
  • Yeast: Lager yeast


BR-808 in a glass

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A collaboration between three different breweries on three different continents, this beer goes great with ski movies, just like the instrument it honors.