Simon Dumont: Special Boosting Power

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Simon Dumont

If you want to know details about new-school maverick Simon Dumont, you'd be the wiser for talking to his mom. Barbara Dumont keeps tabs on the 19-year-old's milestones, reminding him during an interview that it was last March when he fractured his pelvis in the Utah backcountry after overshooting a tabletop landing by

100 feet

. She can name all the competitions he's won, noting the back-to-back gold medals he took home from the X Games in 2004 and 2005. Of course, Simon's mom isn't the only one keeping tabs on her progeny. Everyone who witnessed this ball of muscle's holy-shit, triple-overhead boosts at both those competitions agrees that the Bethel, Maine, native's moves are legendary. They've got other skiers (and snowboarders) wondering how he does it, and event organizers talking about padding the decks for safety. "I like to put on a good show," he says, in what might be the understatement of the year. Or, as new-school statesman Mike Douglas puts it, "Most of the good guys go around 12 to 15 feet. Simon goes 20. There's no official world record, but if there were, Simon would hold it."

HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 150 lb.
DOB: 7/9/86
SECOND OPINION: "He's completely crazy. Catching 20 feet of air in the halfpipe is about the dumbest thing you can do on a pair of skis. If you fuck up, you're not walking away. Unless you're Simon." -New-school pioneer Jon Olsson




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