A Skier’s Journey, Episode 2: Baffin Island

Jordan Manley's look at skiing the isolated fjords of Baffin Island is well worth 16 minutes.
Baffin Island

Photographer, filmmaker, and Skiing contributor, Jordan Manley, just released the second episode of his stunning series, “A Skier’s Journey,” shot on location in Baffin Island. Manley and his crew Chad Sayers, Marcus Waring, Tobin Seagel, and Jamie Bond put themselves among the towering fjords of North West Baffin Island last spring. They documented a landscape he describes as “branching hallways of rock. Nothing short of a dream.” Their journey and their tracks were just a speck among some of the tallest cliffs on the planet following couloirs that snake through fissures in two-billion-year-old rocks. When we asked what it’s like to shoot at -30 degrees C in the Canadian Arctic, Manley stated stoically, “Not easy. It’s more that there is no reprieve from it, you’re always in it.” Take the 16 minutes to watch this episode. It’s well worth your time.


A Skier's Journey

A Skier's Journey

Recovered from a life-threatening brain injury, artist Jordan Manley creates three final films with skiers Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots in Iran and China, culminating in a special homecoming to British Columbia.

"I always coordinate my hat with my favorite resort." Mike Hopkins at Red.

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