A Skier's Journey: Japan

How Jordan Manley's newest film reminds me of the nerdiest parts of my childhood.
A Skier's Journey: Japan

I don’t typically get emotional while watching ski films. But about a third of the way into Jordan Manley’s latest installment of A Skier’s Journey, I started to get misty. Using a combination of clever editing and even cleverer song selection, Manley confirmed suspicions I’d unknowingly been harboring since I was a wee lad playing NES between ski days at my family’s condo at Schweitzer Mountain: Skiing Japan is exactly like World 6 of Super Mario III. It’s a snowy, icy land filled with joy and things to jump off. It looks glorious.

Of course, Manley’s film also portrays all the soulful self-discovery and breath-taking powdery goodness Westerners have come to associate with the Land of the Rising Sun. His storytelling, both with the camera and the narration, paints Japan as an intensely desirable place to be a skier. A place we should all go, I might add.

I promise you’ll enjoy every second of this 13-minute edit. But if you don’t get a little nostalgic at minute three, you’re childhood was egregiously deprived of regular Nintendo, and I am sorry.


Japan: A Skier's Journey EP1 S3 from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.


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