Skiing Magazine's 2008-09 Resort Awards

Ranked by the magazine's readers...mostly.

Top Resorts
(Know that readers like you chose the winners for the following categories. So if you think the results are completely off base, well, you have no one but yourself to blame.)
>>Best Overall Resorts
>>Best Backcountry Access
>>Best Powder
>>Best Steeps
>>Best Apres Scene
>>Best Park
>>Best Trees
>>Best of the East

Other Resort Awards
Best patio, best green development, best meat market...these are our picks.
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2009 Resort Awards

For the last five years, Skiing has ranked resorts according to your input. We send your survey results to a statistics company that - and we hope they're reading this - takes us to the cleaners just to process them. We take the pain because we want to know what you think. And thou hath spoken. This year, you've chosen your favorite overall mountain, as well as backcountry access, steeps, trees, park, powder, apres, and eastern resort. And we've added a few of our favorites. Welcome to Skiing's inaugural Resort Awards.

Resort Awards 2010

Resort Awards 2010

We've tallied the results from our reader survey. And thrown in a few of our favorites. Drum roll please...Announcing the winners of this year's resort awards: the best park, powder, steeps, backcountry access, trees, parties and more.