Slap the Bag

A hut trip night time activity. Because you were going to get bored with cribbage.
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Climbers wine

Boxed wine, sans box, is the ideal hut trip evening beverage. It’s packable, un-breakable, light for it’s volume (ever tried skiing in a bunch of wine bottles? Don’t.) and, if you upgrade from Franzia, delicious.

But just because you’re drinking wine doesn’t mean you have to keep it classy. You are probably wearing your long underwear in a room full of strangers, after all. For optimum party level and card game shit talking allow us to recommend slap the bag, the quintessential college wine drinking game, which translates just fine to grown up parties.

Step one: Remove bag from box. Do this before you leave home. Or, but a wine that already comes in a bag (genius!) like Clif’s The Climbers Pouch.

Step two: Have a friend (or stranger, good bonding experience) hold the bag tightly at just above face level. Yours, not theirs.

Step three: Open spigot; chug for as long as you can.

Step four: Close spigot; breathe for a second; slap the dickens out of that bag.

Step five: Clean wine dribble off your chin/shirt/hut slippers. 


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