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Slopestyle: Men's and Women's Winners

Leading the Pack

Six to eight inches of new snow fell on the slopes at Copper today, pleasing skiers but hurting competitors as jumps were slow and high scores were hard to come by.

Ashley Battersby took first in the Women's Slopestyle competition while JF Houle ruled the men's division.

Alexis Godbout, Phillipe Casabon, Matt Walker, Jacob Wester, JF Houle, Nick Martini, Pete Olenick, Tim Russell, Okko Raitanen, AJ Kempainen, Bobby Brown, Russ Henshaw, and Walter Woods made it past the semi-final round and just finished the finals.

Only 34 women competed in today's competition (versus a 242 in the men's division), 18 moved onto the finals, and three will make it to the podium. Kim Lamarre, who won the semi-finals round, placed second under Battersby.

Houle will take home the title, Russ Henshaw received second, and Phillipe Casabon got third. Houle impressed the judges on the snow covered jumps by doing a 900 off the big one.

At first the weather looked really bad, it wouldn't stop snowing. But the guys at swix hooked me up and got the right wax. It was difficult but it was the same for everyone. It's definitely my biggest win." Houle said.

Last year the podium was swept by Scandinavians, and this year the Quebecans took over two of the spots, while an Australian took second.

Rails ruled the day with a lot of 270s on and off and 450s on and 270s off.

The women's competition really came down to rails as the new snow made the jumps slow and extremely hard to nail. Battersby took advantage of this aspect and succeeded.

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