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Snow Days

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Mt. Baker, Washington

"When measuring snow in a graduated cylinder, be sure to read from the bottom of the meniscus."

Your eighth-grade science teacher was probably into pet lizards and his nosehair farm. But then your teacher probably wasn't Fairhaven Middle School's Chad Wertz, seen here waist-deep at Mt. Baker, Washington, on a snow day. Local skier Wertz and photographer Ian Coble rallied their Subaru up to Baker after a November storm dropped eight feet in four days. "I go skiing almost every time we have a snow day," Wertz says. "Teaching eighth-grade science is fun, because we get to talk about weather and massive dumps." On this day, however, Mr. Wertz appears to have ignored the president's No Child Left Behind policy - for which we can only offer our heartfelt applause...but we're keeping the drug paraphernalia we stole from science class.




Sacred Snow

Montana's remote Rocky Boy Reservation, home to the Chippewa Cree, might seem an unlikely place for skiing. But on the slopes of Bear Paw Ski Bowl, powder meets purpose.

Mt Snow, VT

Mt. Snow

A fixture in the Deerfield Valley for nearly half a century, Mount Snow has grown a lot since ski pioneer Walter Schoenknecht bought a chunk of land on Mt Pisgah from farmer Reuben Snow in 1950.

Chairlift Piled with Snow

Recent Utah Snow

A few images from the recent storm that pummeled Utah ski resorts. Some resorts claimed as much as 48 inches from the weekend system, a necessary addition to the base before holiday skier traffic.