South America Snow Guide to Bariloche

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The South America Snow Guide consists of a travel guide on DVD and videos on

The most comprehensive DVD travel guide ever made on South America’s snow resorts. It contains everything you need to know about how to get there, where to stay and what to do. As well as information on all the mountains, lifts, marked trails and off piste skiing available.

This DVD covers 15 resorts throughout Chile and Argentina and is an absolute must-have for anyone interested in traveling to or expanding their knowledge on South American snow resorts.
Unlike the DVDs available on the market, this guide is made for everyone, not just for radical riders.

The project was designed by the director and producer Rodolfo Rosato Asumpcao. "Some destinations are in remote places, as Corralco and Araucarias, where you can ski the slopes of volcanoes that are still active.” Asumpcao said. “Other places like Las Lenas, Chillan and Valle Nevado are five-star hotel complexes.”

The products are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The 15 locations are:


* Las Leñas

* Caviahue ( volcano )

* San Martin de Los Andes (town) / Cerro Chapelco (mountain)

* San Carlos de Bariloche (town) / Cerro Catedral (mountain)

* Vila La Angostura (town) / Cerro Bayo (mountain)

* Esquel (town) / La Hoya (mountain)


* Portillo

* La Parva

* El Colorado

* Valle Nevado

* Chillan (volcano)

* Corralco (volcano)

* Las Araucarias (volcano)

* Pucon (volcano)

* Antillanca (volcano)



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