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Chris Benchetler embodies the Mammoth way.
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Chris Benchetler personifies the Mammoth way – this Eastern Sierra local takes his home-resort name literally by going huge in every aspect of his life. His daily activities read similar to a sort of bucket list for any other "average joe." Think climbing, skiing, road biking, and yoga in one day. Every day. 

Chris is a first-chair staple. A friendly, knowledgeable lift mate. The kind of person you ski away from thinking “Wow, what a good guy” then gape in awe as you watch him huck massive cliffs while powder-hungry locals hoot and holler through the gondola windows. His skiing is powerful and creative, a style you try to emulate, but will never be able to master.

Chris Benchetler is something special. He knows every inch of Mammoth Mountain, and consistently leads the charge in finding new lines on the Hemlocks or creatively side-hitting one of the behemoth Main Park jumps. Quick to stoke out the local groms or dedicate time to the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation, he’s a true part of the Mammoth family.

Following up the success of his Chasing El Nino series, Chris is launching a new GoPro project chronicling his adventures traveling around the country in his custom built van. With winter just around the corner, there are many more high-fives, good vibes and air time to come from Chris this season.

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Mammoth Mountain

Surrounded by the highest peaks in the Lower 48 and topping out at 11,000 feet, Mammoth Mountain is an Eastern Sierra storm magnet.