Stumpy Goes Hollywood

stumpy goes hollywood

Pop Quiz: What does a ski-town discotheque packed with nubile Hollywood beauties spanking each other while doing a techno conga have in common with Chap Stick and the Superbowl? Answer: Greg Stump, of course. Now 40, the raconteur behind

Blizzard of Aahhhs

and 10 other classic ski flicks has taken his talents to Hollywood, where he shoots, directs, and edits commercials (Chap Stick's Picabo Street ad and a Superbowl commercial starring skateboard great Tony Hawk) and documentaries (last year's concert video from the band Art of Noise). His latest venture is Peak Experience, an independent Sundance-style film set at a fictitious cat-skiing lodge. Featuring cameos from Glen Plake and X Games skier Shane Anderson, behind-the-scenes work by Jamie Houssain (son of Intrawest CEO Joe Houssain), partial funding from Mammoth, and camera work by Stump, the story follows a crusty old guide, a handsome ex-racer, and a few beautiful girls through a karmic encounter in the aftermath of a massive avalanche. But like most things Stump, the film shoot itself turned into an even hotter encounter. Particularly on the dance floor at Mammoth's Ocean Harvest, where Stump and company partied every night. "It was pretty wild," admits Stump, laughing. "The locals at Mammoth just stood there with their jaws on the floor."


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