Summer Resorts 2002-Northeast: Whiteface Mountain, N.Y.


Whiteface Mountain, N.Y.

What's more fun than going native in the deep forests of the 6-million-acre Adirondack State Park? How about emerging from the woods in lively Lake Placid for a smooth reentry into civilization. This tidy little resort town, a short drive from the slopes of Whiteface, lines the shores of Mirror Lake. (Lake Placid itself, much bigger and deeper, is adjacent.) In the age of steam, well-off city dwellers arrived by train to vacation at the once-opulent Lake Placid Club, just across the lake.

Though Lake Placid is no longer a playground for the supremely wealthy, it has a pleasant, campy feel well-suited to the family summer vacation. The scenic beauty is unbeatable here in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks. And there are all the usual summer activities: golf, tennis, hiking and water sports of all ilk.

But owing to its Olympics heritage, gold medal luger Jimmy Shea's hometown offers many unique experiences: bobsled rides, biking on the nordic trails, rides to the top of the 120-meter jump (where you can watch elite-level jumpers train).

Surrounding it all is the nation's largest state park, making Lake Placid truly a bright light in the wilderness. ¿J.C.

DON'T MISS A bobsled ride¿almost too scary.

best deal Olympic Sites Passport ($19): Visit the top of the 120-meter jump, ride the gondola, and tour the Olympic Museum and skating facility. Bearers also get $5 off bobsled rides ($35) and a tour of the facilities.


#3 East: Whiteface, NY

Whiteface Mountain

Check in with the Pumphouse gang, which gathers at the pumphouse between the Niagra and Victoria steeps to grill venison, swill local brew, and plot runs down ungroomed gems like Upper Cloudspin and Empire.