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Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps

Mt. Hood, Oregon, is the place to go for summertime ski camps. And they're not just for kids. We've got details on three great summer ski camps—from park-and-pipe to racing to moguls—at Mt. Hood for all ages.

Same time (8:45 am), same red box (Jackson Hole tram), same familiar faces (local skiers) standing with fat skis on the dock. A packed line is an expected event with record snowfall and 160” base up high. But a few things were not normal for a ski day: green grass below, flowers gamely attempting to proclaim summer, and oh yeah, it was May 28th. The Jackson Hole tram re-opened for summer tourism, but spent most of the day ferrying skiers up high and shooing them out the backcountry gates (inbounds skiing is prohibited during summer tram service).

Summer Skiing off the Tram

Jackson Hole’s tram opened back up for summer tourism this weekend and skiers took advantage of the access to the 160 inches of snow that still hasn't melted.