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South American Photo Camp

Image Quest gives aspiring ski photographers a chance to shoot in real-world conditions with some of the industry's best photographers. Here are some photos from past camps.

2015 Summer Ski Camps

2015 Summer Ski Camps

Skiing doesn't have to stop in the summer—check out these ski camps for that summer fix.

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Insider's Guide to Skiing South America

The best places you didn't know you wanted to ski.

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Top 7 Reasons to Ski South America

It's still winter at these resorts.

The lower 48’s highest peak is often a training ground for mountaineers looking to conquer higher peaks, but that doesn’t mean that with some skills or a guide it can still be attainable for savvy backcountry skiers.

Where to Ski in August

August is when the itch gets the worst. Hot, lazy days lose their shine. The buzz of the air conditioner starts to burn your eardrums. And winter feels SO far away. And it is, but a plane ticket or a long hike could change that. Here’s where you can get your midsummer fix.

There are a lot of opportunities for domestic flights, but taking the bus should not be missed. With its vast network, the bus system in Argentina and Chile is a ski bum’s cheap transport dream, an excellent way to see the country, scope terrain, and follow whims. But you might want to consider dehydrating yourself before boarding. Most buses are plush, but the bathrooms can be…traumatizing. You can drink water when you get off.

How to Navigate South America on the Cheap and Dirty

For a price, travel in South America can be done tamely and comfortably. But where’s the fun in that? Argentina and Chile march to their own beat, so here are a few tips to navigate the nitty-gritty cultural experience and ski on the cheap.

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Taking on the South

With everyone jealous of all the fresh powder happening down South, we checked in with a few folks who’ll make you even more jealous, and closer than ever to planning your next South American skiing adventure. By Leslie Hittmeier

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Be a Pro Ski Photographer in South America

Learn to shoot ski action photography this summer at Skiing Magazine's Powder Click photo camp in Chile.