Super C With Sierra and Dav

Watch Sierra Quitiquit and Chris Davenport climb and ski one of the most famous couloirs in the world.

The things you can do with a GoPro these days. In this video just released by GoPro, Sierra Quitiquit and Chris Davenport give us the ultimate tour of Super C Couloir in Chile. What I love most about this vid is how real it feels. It's beautifully done. And hearing Dav talk about this area makes me want to hop on a plane to the Southern Hemisphere today. And as for Super C, it's officially on my bucket list. 



Catching Up With Reuben Krabbe

Reuben Krabbe took his dream photograph in the Arctic and there is a whole 31-minute video to prove it. Watch Salomon Freeski TV's newest episode "Eclipse" and find out more about how Krabbe got the shot.

Follow your compass_ Thumb

Follow Your Compass

Some rise, some fall, some climb, to get to terrapin. Exploring the mighty Chugach on foot offers much more than massive vert.