Megan Pischke Surfing

Megan Pischke sneaks in winter surf days between snowboarding comps and backcountry stints in British Columbia, Colorado, and Greenland. Once the snow melts, she heads to her favorite spot near Dominical, Costa Rica-a heavy, fast-moving beach break that can pound unprepared surfers into the sand. "I feel much more balanced coming into the winter because of surfing," she says.

Body Benefit: Chest, Arm, Core + Glute Strength
A strong upper body-including lats, rhomboids, and pectoral muscles worked by paddling-enhances core strength, which is essential for control on steeps and for launching McTwists in the park.

Skill: Balance
One board, no boots, no bindings-surfing demands barefoot balance on slippery, moving terrain. The exercise may look like snowboarding, but the stability you'll pick up will transfer to any kind of winter sliding.

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