Take Photos Like a Pro

Photographer Adam Barker dishes on everything from lighting and composition to landscape and action photography in this online photo class.
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Pro ski photographer Adam Barker created an 8-week online course designed to make you a better photographer both on snow and off of it.


Barker has travelled the world to shoot skiing, and in his online course he’ll walk you through everything from composition and lighting, to shooting action and telling a photo story about your next trip—whether it’s a weeklong backcountry expedition, or a day at the resort.

The online course is designed for every aspiring photographer who’s passionate about the outdoors. So start creating frame worthy photos you can be proud of. Enroll in Outdoor Photo School now.


Carston Oliver at Mt. Baker, Washington, by Grant Gunderson.

Best Photos of the Year

Check out the Best Photos of the Year gallery from our December 2009 issue in a lovely-to-look-at video slideshow. Also, click to vote for your favorite image—where the readers' choice award photographer will win $500.

“The fog appeared from nowhere, rising from below. Seconds before whiteout, I got this picture. Only one frame that day but still one of my favorites.”   —Jesper Molin See more at— http://www.jespermolin.se/Vote for this image as your favorite photo.  

Best Photo of the Year

To make pure alcohol, start with a batch of raw ingredients. Distill it, and you’ll get a more refined batch. This is how we compiled this best-of-the-year photo gallery. We started with thousands of images. Gradually we selected the shots that illustrate skiing and photography in new and different ways, along with an explanation from each photographer. Please enjoy responsibly. Then we asked you, our readers, to vote for your favorite image. Introducing the Readers' Choice award for Best Photo of the Year.