Telling 60 Minutes What It Feels Like to Fly

On a two-week trip with 60 Minutes, skier J.T. Holmes had the opportunity to talk about wingsuiting to a national audience. The interview aired Sunday, October 11. In it, J.T. explains exactly what it feels like to fly. Now, he tell us what it was like being on 60 Minutes.
JT Holmes

On October 11, an interview with pro skier and BASE jumper J.T. Holmes aired on CBS’s 60 Minutes. It’s not every day a skier appears on a national news source, so we took notice. The interview was a result of two weeks of filming spent in Norway’s Romsdal Valley. Holmes was there from June 12 to 25, along with South African photographer and skydiver Julian Boulle, Norwegian host Tom Erik Heiman, and show host Steve Kroft.

We asked J.T. what it was like working with 60 Minutes. “I have very fond memories of the two-week trip with 60 Minutes,” Holmes said in an e-mail. “The assortment of personalities was priceless. There was the wealthy, celeb status NYC style of Kroft, the keen young Australian cameramen, the highly productive producer Tom Anderson and his associate Coleman Cowan, who both won the love of the locals, and a Californian CBS news cameramen, local BASE spotters, and all my Norwegian friends."

Holmes spent a lot of time with Julian Boulle, who he called the “dreadlocked South African wingsuit-flying guru.” “This is a very smart man, and he touched all of us,” Holmes said.“He arrived prepared not only as an athlete, but also as a cameraman and he managed to travel lighter than any of us who wore only one hat. Julian lives simply, and money is not a chief priority, yet if wealth is measured in happiness, knowledge, expertise or life experience Julian is Fortune 500.”

Of all the comments on the 60 Minutes site, the following exemplifies the reaction toward the episode. “Hello JT. Congratulations on your poised segment on 60 Minutes. I celebrate your courage and skill. I'll be buying the beer at Le Chamoix to toast your high flying adventures. Keep it safe.” Poised, courageous, and skillful; we agree.

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